The 54 best tea-drinking nations in the world

August 03, 2016

The 54 best tea-drinking nations in the world

If tea-drinking were an Olympic sport, which countries would we see on the podium?

The results might surprise you.

If you look at the average annual tea consumption per person using data from Euromonitor International, publishers of the some of the most comprehensive market research on tea, you can see which nationalities drink the most amount of tea per person.

The world’s biggest tea drinkers

  1. The Turkish – drinking an average of 3.16kg of tea each every year
  2. The Irish – drinking an average of 2.19kg of tea each every year
  3. The UK - drinking an average of 1.94kg of tea each every year

While China is undoubtedly one of the largest consumers of tea given the sheer volume of people who live there, when you look at how much tea each individual within the country drinks per person, they drop to 19th on the list with around 566 grams consumed per person.  

The Kiwis make the top 10 with New Zealanders enjoying 1.19kg of tea per person.

Australian’s rank 13th on the list consuming around 750 grams per person each year.


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