The teas you should be drinking each day

April 28, 2017

How many cups of tea should you drink each day, and when should you drink them? There are no hard and fast rules, but here’s Certified Tea Master, Alison Dillon’s go to guide for what kind of tea t...

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Tea and Chocolate Pairing Guide

April 07, 2017

  Should you drink your tea with chocolate? What kind of chocolate works best with which kind of tea? Certified Tea Master and Founder of Cup Above Tea, Alison Dillon shares the ins and outs of tea...

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How to go green when it comes to tea

March 11, 2017

A quick guide to selecting, preparing and drinking green tea. What is green tea? Green tea is the least oxidised of the six types of tea. It has a diverse flavour spectrum from fresh, grassy, savou...

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10 ways you might be drinking your tea all wrong

March 10, 2017

Despite the apparent simplicity of the humble cup of tea, there are lots of factors that influence how enjoyable the taste will be. Preparing and drinking tea the right way has the potential to tak...

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5 tips for a perfect tea infusion

February 22, 2016

Making the perfect cup of tea can be a simple or precise as you like. Regardless of how exacting you want to make your infusion, there are three key things to always remember. Leaf weight, temperat...

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