Outstanding provenance. Incredible craftsmanship. Exceptional tea. For those of us who want a more sophisticated drinking experience, enjoy little moments of luxury and like to indulge in the finest of the fine.

The Quest

We want to change the way you think about the leaves in your cup. Our seasonally curated tea library lets you experience some of the finest, rarest and most fascinating teas. You can access the very best single-batch teas from a special collection of small family gardens around the world.

You will know exactly what you are drinking – something exceedingly rare in the industry – because we provide provenance information from garden to glass.

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Founder & Certified Tea Master

Alison Dillon is one of just a handful of Certified Tea Masters, and was among the first to earn this qualification.

"Our palates have been putting up with inferior, mass produced tea for far too long. In the liquid world, we readily appreciate and understand the vast quality spectrum that differentiates a cask wine and a vintage bottle of aged red, or instant coffee and single origin fresh-roasted beans. There’s a tea spectrum too. But most of us are languishing at the wrong end of it."

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Meet the Masters

Our master artisan growers and farmers have spent a lifetime perfecting their skills. It’s because of these very talented people that our collection is incredible.

They deserve credit and recognition. Their stories are fascinating.

From 73-year-old Mrs Pei in Zehijiang, to the Tao family who have pet peacocks that roam wild through the tea bushes – these are but some of the stories we drink.

Meet the Masters