Interested in stocking Cup Above Tea? We partner with select restaurants hotels, spas and boutiques who share our passion for provenance, exceptional craftsmanship and moments of luxury.



“Our goal is to help you wow your customers through tea and our wholesale solutions are specifically customised for discerning luxury hospitality clientele.” 

We offer various wholesale solutions. Perhaps you would like to stock our tea and infusion-ware? Maybe you would like to collaborate more deeply and have us help you design your own tea menu and tasting notes, or help train your front of house team in tea service?

Luxury establishments are increasingly looking to differentiate through tea. Internationally, leading hospitality professionals are becoming discerning about the loose leaf tea they use and serve because they understand and appreciate what a difference exceptional tea makes. It happened with wine, it happened with seasonal, farm-fresh ingredients, it happened with coffee and now, it’s happening with tea.

Aside from tea with outstanding flavour, exceptional provenance and incredible craftsmanship, depending on your needs, we can provide 100% light proof, refillable wholesale size display jars that make an incredible statement, captivate customer attention and offer the very best protection for your tea. Coupled with our Danish-designed infusion ware that’s both modern and functional, your customers will enjoy the full fine tea experience.

If you’re looking for retail-ready products we’ll chat to you about our solutions and point of sale materials.


If you would like to stock incredible tea and help share the stories we drink in your establishment, please get in touch and we’ll contact you promptly.