Homemade Eggnog Infused with Oolong Tea

December 22, 2017

Oolong Tea Eggnog - the perfect festive tea-infused treat for the holiday season. It's quick, easy and screams Christmas! 

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Cup Above Tea wins 9 Golden Leaf Tea Industry Awards

July 21, 2017

Cup Above Tea has again been awarded multiple Golden Leaf Awards after tea industry experts blind tasted hundreds of teas to determine the highest-quality and best-tasting teas commercially availab...

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Gyokuro Green Tea Martini

July 14, 2017

Tea mixology is a relatively new trend and pleasingly, it seems like it’s here to stay with more and more mixologists and chefs realising the unique qualities tea can bring to both food and cocktai...

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The teas you should be drinking each day

April 28, 2017

How many cups of tea should you drink each day, and when should you drink them? There are no hard and fast rules, but here’s Certified Tea Master, Alison Dillon’s go to guide for what kind of tea t...

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Mother's Day Tea Gift Guide

April 21, 2017

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’ve made it easy for you to say thank you to the special mum in your life. Here’s a handy guide to help you select the perfect tea for her. She’s a Champagne lover Tr...

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Tea and Chocolate Pairing Guide

April 07, 2017

  Should you drink your tea with chocolate? What kind of chocolate works best with which kind of tea? Certified Tea Master and Founder of Cup Above Tea, Alison Dillon shares the ins and outs of tea...

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How to go green when it comes to tea

March 11, 2017

A quick guide to selecting, preparing and drinking green tea. What is green tea? Green tea is the least oxidised of the six types of tea. It has a diverse flavour spectrum from fresh, grassy, savou...

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10 ways you might be drinking your tea all wrong

March 10, 2017

Despite the apparent simplicity of the humble cup of tea, there are lots of factors that influence how enjoyable the taste will be. Preparing and drinking tea the right way has the potential to tak...

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Tea Cocktails - Dark Roast Sumatra Martini

March 03, 2017

Using tea as a hero ingredient in cocktails is becoming more and more popular, so when talented sisters and cocktail whiz team Neha and Smruthi from Teatini suggested our Dark Roast Sumatra oolong ...

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Cooking with tea – rice paper rolls

November 19, 2016

Fresh, crunchy and flavour-packed, these rice paper rolls with oolong tea dipping sauce make for a healthy and refreshing summer lunch. What you’ll need For the rice paper rolls 100g Vermicelli no...

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Everything you need to know about cold brew tea

November 04, 2016

  Iced tea or cold brew tea is a sensational alternative to hot tea and can really shift the flavour profile of your favourite leaves. There are a few different ways you can brew chilled teas and t...

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October 27, 2016

Tea bag tea is always inferior to loose leaf tea. The tea that goes into bags is called dust, and quite literally includes particles that fall to the floor and are swept up during machine processin...

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