Mother's Day Tea Gift Guide

April 21, 2017

Mother's Day Tea Gift Guide

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’ve made it easy for you to say thank you to the special mum in your life. Here’s a handy guide to help you select the perfect tea for her.

She’s a Champagne lover

Champagne lover

Try Second Flush Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips – similar to a Darejeeling tea, also known as the Champagne of teas, but better.

Tasting notes: this black tea is handpicked, hand rolled and tricky to produce. Brisk liquor, biscuity top notes and a hint of fresh-baked bread. It’s like a pleasing little pitter-patter of feet on the palate.

She’s a coffee addict

Coffee addict

Try Dark Roast Sumatra – straight from the tropics of Sumatra, Indonesia this tea is grown in coffee country and picks up many similar flavours. It’s also got a good kick of caffeine for a bit of extra boost.

Tasting notes: This award-winning charcoal fired oolong tea packs a punch thanks to the mineral-rich, volcanic terroir. Expect smoked coffee and caramel notes, an earthy boldness and the slightest hint of cinnamon. This 'new world' oolong from Indonesia will infuse several times. The longer the infusion the bolder the flavour.

She’s the cocktail Queen

Cocktail Queen

Try Meng Ding Scented Jasmine – a scented green tea that’s the perfect balance of floral and fresh. It’s a great base for white spirit tea cocktails but just as delicious on its own.

Tasting notes: This tea is ethereal, and production is very limited. Master Li scents the green tea buds with jasmine flowers that he layers by hand, at a ratio of 60:40. It takes him three weeks to craft just one batch.

She’s a wine connoisseur

Wine expert

Try Mrs Pei’s Purple Sun – a Chinese green tea with stunning depth of flavour and excellent structure. It lingers on the palate and has exceptional pedigree – this style of tea was served as a tribute tea for the Emperor during the Tang dynasty.

Tasting notes: Impeccably made by our 76-year-old female tea master, Mrs Pei. You can expect light macadamia notes and a lingering sweetness. It's refreshing with a perfect level of astringency, and no bitterness.

She’s a fresh juice devotee

Juice devotee

Try Silver Needles this industry award-winning bud-only white tea is cleansing, fresh and elegant. Picked for just a few days each spring, these exclusive, velvety buds have impeccable provenance and white tea if full of antioxidants.

Tasting notes: A subtle creamy sweetness lingers delightfully on the palate. It’s extremely approachable and leaves you with a sense of wellbeing and vitality.

She’s an English Breakfast loyalist

Traditionalist - English Breakfast

Try Golden Buds – a black tea with similar characters to English Breakfast but with much more sophisticated flavour and a step up in terms of quality.

Tasting notes: Exceptional golden, fleecy tips reveal perfectly balanced malt and maple characters with the slightest hint of pepper. Rich and satisfying. The perfect morning breakfast tea. Be sure to try without milk first to fully appreciate the special character of this tea.

Discover more great Mother's Day tea gifts and learn about the Tea Master's who have crafted these teas.

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