September 08, 2016


This cream tea cocktail is like a liquid dessert and has just three ingredients. You can serve it hot or cold, but a word of warning - one is never enough!


What you’ll need (serves one)

30mls of Baily’s or another Irish cream

3 tablespoons of high quality loose leaf black tea like Cup Above Tea Himalayan Black Summer (it has the perfect chocolate honey notes for this recipe)  

140 mls water

Cup Above Tea Baileys and Himalayan Black Summer Black Tea

Tea Cocktails – Bailey's Cream tea  

Cup Above Tea Bailey's Cream Tea Tea Cocktail

How to make it

Infuse the Himalayan Black Summer tea with 140mls of water just off the boil. Let the leaves steep for around 5 minutes to develop a strong, bold liquid. This will ensure you get a lovely strong tea flavour coming through the cream.


Take a martini glass and pour in the Irish cream. For a lovely layered effect, pour straight in the very bottom of the glass without running the liquid down the sides of the glass.  


To create the next layer, take a dessert spoon and hold it the tip of the spoon against the inside of the glass, just above the surface of the Irish cream. You should be able to see the underside of the spoon, the concave part of the spoon should be facing the bottom of the glass.


Very slowly, pour the infused tea over the back of the spoon. To get nice layers, you need to do this slowly and carefully. The lower density liquid will sink to the bottom and the higher density liquid with rise to the top.  


Add sugar to taste.   



  • You can make this cocktail hot or cold. If you would like a cold cream tea, prepare your tea infusion earlier and then strain into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake the liquid to cool the brew down and pour in from the filtered cocktail shaker. You can also top with ice cubes.

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