The Nepal Selection

Nepalese teas are fast developing a reputation as serious competition for some of nearby Darjeeling’s finest teas. The exquisite high mountain soil, a perfect climate and an unrelenting focus on quality gives these teas their special character. This collection is a delightful showcase of Nepalese tea featuring three jars of Jun Chiyabari’s finest including:

1 x Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips (Black Tea)

1 x Himalayan Bouquet (Oolong Tea)

1 x Himalayan Pine (Green Tea)

The Stories We Drink

Jun Chiyabari is a small and exclusive organic estate in the eastern Himalayas. The garden sits high in the hills of Hile, a small town in the Dhankuta district. Jun Chiyabari’s is a particulary modern and forward-thinking garden with a vision that shys away from mediocre, machine processed, volume-based production (common in neighbouring tea regions like India and Sri Lanka). Instead the garden focuses wholeheartedly on boutique manufacturing and innovative craftsmanship.

The garden is young and was established from scratch in 2001 with tea cultivars sourced from around the world. The harvests are small and very limited in quantity. The quality is unsurpassed. The garden is organic and the small team is passionate about flavour and focus on creating experimental and unusual styles that make the most of unique terroir.

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